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Miami Sunbeds are the Leading sunbed home hire company in the Chichester area. We have over 20 years of experience and have the widest selection of home hire sunbeds to suit every budget and space constraint. We pride ourselves on never being beaten on price or quality. Our sunbeds are regularly PAT tested and the tubes are changed well within their recommended useable life span.
If you are in the market for home sunbed hire and live in the Chichester area whether it be for that special occasion, pre-holiday tan or just to look good, then Miami Sunbeds is the place for you. All our hires include googles and if hiring a vertical sunbed or superfast double a free bottle of lotion is added.

Our selection of home hire sunbeds includes:

Canopy home hire sunbeds which are designed to go over the bed where you tan one side of your body and then turn over to do the other side. We do an economical canopy, which is great value, the 10-tube pine canopy sunbed with a 20-30-minute tanning time and the latest modern superfast 9 tube canopy sunbed with a maximum 10-minute tanning time with 4 facial tubes. Both sunbeds can be stored in an upright position when not in use.

Double canopy home hire sunbeds that tan both sides at the same time. Again, we supply two types. The pine double canopy sunbed that has a 20-30-minute timer and the new light weight plastic super fast double canopy which has a 10-minute timer. These sunbeds are great for those who love to relax while tanning.

Vertical home hire sunbeds are modern space saving sunbeds that take up approximately a metre square. All have a maximum tanning time of 10 minutes. Miami Sunbeds have all the latest models. There are 4 types to choose from. The VT 20 that has 20 fast tanning tubes, the VX 240 is slightly more spacious with 24 fast tanning tubes, the Sapphire also has 24 fast tanning tubes and has an aesthetically pleasing shape, (popular with those wishing to purchase their own sunbed) and finally the new 24 tube cool tanning Black Shadow that only requires one plug to operate and is perfect for those who suffer from prickly heat.

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